Peeing should be just that simple. But it will be a big deal if you feel stinging, burning, or another kind of pain that makes you discomfort. These signals show you something is not going right. Unfortunately, many people will experience this bathroom-break misery at least once in their life. It happens not only to the women but also the men. If you wonder to know the answer to ‘why does it hurt when I pee?’, here is the explanation.

Urinary Tract Infection May be the Answer of What You Feel

Urinary Tract Infection or UTI is an infection that you can get because of the bacteria that get to you through the urethra, which is the tube through which urine flows and coming to the bladder. Although anyone can get it, this infection is common in women. So, if you ever experienced it, there would be a question of why I feel tip burns when I pee. It’s because of the urine coming out of the infected urethra.

The symptoms of this UTI can be a frequent and strong urge to pee even though you are only producing a small amount of urine at a time, particularly foul-smelling pee, or cloudy urine. Just like what to do if you have flu. You need to know what to do if you have this urinary tract infection.

Why Does It Hurt When You Pee

Tips to Decrease the Pain of UTI

Although this illness is not a deadly one, having a feeling of the burning, stinging, and discomfort peeing is annoying. There are several tips that can be followed. The standard treatment of this UTO is antibiotics. You can get it from your doctor, but if your symptoms are mild, these antibiotics are not essential.

If you feel the symptom is not too heavy, you may be able to get away by drinking lots of extra fluids, and a little bit of OTC painkiller. Wait and see whether they are working or not. You may drink cranberry juice which is useful to decrease UTI.

Wear cotton underwear that can absorb the humidity to reduce the bacteria. If you feel that you want to get pee, just get hurried to go to the bathroom and pee! This is the best way to avoid UTI. You need to clean your private sector in the correct direction. You need to wipe from front to back to help to prevent bacteria from the anal area coming into contact with the urethra.

Supplements are effective in reducing the pain of the UTI. You can take supplements that are rich in vitamin C, vitamin D, probiotics, L-arginine, D-mannose, or melatonin. If you think that herbs are the safe one than the supplements, you may try them. You can get morinda citrifolia, berberine, uva-ursi, and garlic. Those are recommended to reduce the pain of this Urinary Tract Infection.

For women, the vagina is the crucial part to be taken care of. If you do sexual intercourse, you should urinate to help to reduce the risk. Although some medications and herbs or supplements can help to reduce the symptoms of UTI. There are several tips that can be done to prevent infection. Try to create a healthy life. You can start it by drinking plenty of fluid, especially mineral water every day, consuming a healthy diet which is not only a food picking, and being optimistic that it is created on your mind. Those are all important for a strong immune system.

But, if you still pain after you do the tips, other causes make you keep asking ‘why does it hurt when I pee?. Some of them are sexually transmitted infection diseases like gonorrhea and herpes, or prostate infection, kidney stones, ovarian cysts, and some others. You need to see your doctor get a consultation with the pain if it is in the long term. Consult immediately and don't ignore it. The disease can come at any time without any visible symptoms, so do a checkup at least 3 months for prevention.