Manufacturers of mattresses offer a range of choices that are so diverse, that it can be confusing sometimes. There are conventional foam and spring mattresses, a combination, and even a water bed. There is a soft, medium, and hard mattress. Do you select the right mattress for you? Especially for those of you who experience back pain, of course, choosing a mattress is not easy or trivial. Orthopedists often face questions about selecting the best mattress for back pain.

The lure of good sleep quality and can reduce back pain makes many people competing to buy an expensive mattress or mattress. However, the use of an improper mattress can make the spinal position is not in a straight line. The result is back pain or exacerbating existing pain. The researchers believe that the right mattress is a mattress that keeps the position of the spine in a straight line. When choosing a mattress to deal with back pain complaints, the mattress must be strong enough to support your spine. Make sure the mattress is not too hard or too soft (medium hard-firm). Because there is a possibility, you sleep with various positions (alternating positions). Mattress with memory foam material (memory foam) is a type of mattress that is good for the spine. Also, several studies have suggested that springs and waterbed mattresses are also useful for treating back pain complaints.

What to Do When Choosing the Best Mattress for Back Pain?

If your mattress is too stiff or too soft, your spine will not be adequately supported while you sleep. Especially the pain in the back of the head at the base of the skull and lower back most affected. The study found that when the study participants slept on a mattress that made the curvature of the spine and the distribution of body load ideal, the level of sleep wellness would increase. They also don't need too long to rest and wake up refreshed. Because everyone's body weight is different, you should try the mattress yourself before buying it.

In one study involving more than 300 people with chronic low back pain, study participants were asked to use a medium-firm (firm) mattress for 90 days. As a result, more people use hard mattresses complaining of discomfort. Conversely, only a few people who use a mattress. That is not too hard to report specific complaints. Another study from experts at Oklahoma State University tested 59 people with mattresses that were five years old. The old mattress then replaced with a new medium-firm mattress. After nearly a month of sleeping on the new mattress, the study participants reported being able to sleep more comfortably and experiencing less back pain. In conclusion, a mattress for back pain should be hard enough, but it doesn't need to be so hard that you feel you can't sleep. Choose only moderate, but enough to support your body's load evenly.

tips choosing the best mattress for back pain
Make sure the mattress really feels comfortable for you

Making Sure Your Mattress is the Best for You

Do not rush to buy a mattress just because the first time you try, you feel comfortable. You can ask and consult with store employees before directly purchasing a mattress for back pain. Usually, store employees already know what kind of mattress people need with certain health conditions. If possible, choose a mattress with a money-back guarantee. Today more and more companies or furniture stores provide a 30 to 100-day warranty. Also, there are other ways you can apply. If you sleep well and wake up without pain after staying in a hotel or a friend's room, note the brand and type (serial number) of the mattress as your reference in choosing the best mattress for back pain.

As good as any mattress you have, you should know when to replace a new mattress. The mattress begins to lose its function when it is not in its proper condition, for example, there is a curve on the surface of the mattress that cannot return after you rise from the mattress. This is proof that the mattress can no longer support your body correctly; the impact it can have on failure gives the right boost to all points of your body. So, you need to redo the choosing best mattress for back pain process once again.

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