When it comes to daily caffeine intake green tea vs coffee is the topic known to spark a series of debates between the health gurus. It is the most polarizing debate that has divided people into two separate groups. It has reached a certain point that you can either be green tea person or a coffee person.

Whether you prefer one beverage due to health or just the taste they both have their own benefits and side effects. Both of them are a good source of caffeine to fulfill your daily dosage and both of are recommended by nutritionists.

Green tea is popular among fitness enthusiasts

So what if you are a neutral person who is looking for a healthy lifestyle but cannot choose between the two? To answer that question we need to compare both of these caffeine beverages head to head.

The Primary Effect

There is no better way to start the debate of green tea vs coffee then to have a look at their main effect on the human body. Both of these beverages are source of caffeine however, they have pretty different results on the body as shown below:

Green Tea: It is mostly recommended by health gurus to people who are looking to detoxify their bodies. Green tea helps get rid of all the harmful toxins from the body and lets it start the cleaning process all over again. This cleanse of the body gives a real boost to the metabolism which then utilizes the body fat as energy hence helping the consumer lose weight.

Coffee: The main purpose of coffee other than its health benefits is to provide a necessary energy boost to the body. It has a more caffeine than green tea and health experts recommend it for people that feel low energy throughout the day. According to most studies, coffee is known for providing approximately 24% endurance boost during workouts such as cardio.

main purpose and benefits of coffee

Steep Impact

One of the most important parts of the green tea vs coffee debate is the direct impact of both caffeine-rich beverages on the energy levels of the body. We have already determined that despite both drinks having caffeine, they work entirely differently after entering the body.

Green Tea: It is amazing that green tea is often classified as the main caffeine source and compared with coffee. Green tea has significantly lower level of caffeine but it can be a good source of it regardless. It contains L-theanine which is used to suppress the jitters that are caused by excessive caffeine intake. Caffeine combined with l-theanine gives the necessary energy boost to the body without tempering with your sleep. This makes green tea a perfect dose for the evening or even few minutes before going to bed.

Coffee: As discussed earlier, coffee contains a hefty amount of caffeine that is used to give the well required boost to your body. Most of the athletes and bodybuilders prefer to consume a cup of coffee at least thirty minutes before their workout regime. A cup of coffee can provide burst of high energy by triggering dopamine and adrenaline hormones from the brain. It is the perfect beverage if you are looking to go beast mode in the gym or on the track.

Coffee can also boost adrenaline in the body to give extra boost during exercises

Healing Points

Another point that is often raised in the green tea vs coffee debate is the ability of both drinks to heal or at least ease some of the harmful symptoms in a human body.

Green Tea: Green Tea is often recommended by doctors to the patients suffering from diseases such as bad heart health and diabetes. It is known for improving cardiovascular system of the body by getting rid of the toxins. Green tea is also known to eliminate any cancer risk that a body might be facing.

Coffee: If you are suffering from a poor liver health through too much alcohol consumption then coffee can be your antidote. It is known to clean the liver extensively. Coffee also acts as a pain reliever and it is also know for providing sexual boost to the people having trouble in bed.


It is basic human nature to crawl toward a thing that is more popular. Popularity can be applied in almost all walks of life and when it comes to green tea vs coffee debate, things don’t change as much here as well:

Green Tea: When it comes to popularity, green tea doesn’t come close to the coffee consumption when you look at all over the world stats. However, if you count all types of tea in a single category then it makes it a fair fight.

Green tea is the healthier option if you are looking to lose weight

Coffee: Coffee is mostly consumed in the North and South America along with some European countries. Colder region such as Scandinavian countries also prefer coffee as their primary drink due to its body warming qualities.

Cost of Caffeine

Another prospect to settle the green tea vs coffee debate is by glancing at the cost of each of these caffeine sources. According to the medical researchers, an adult human body requires a daily dose around 400mg of caffeine to function at its peak. So let’s have a look at the cost of each source to fulfill the daily caffeine requirement of your body:

Green Tea: As discussed earlier, green tea has much lower caffeine than its rival beverage. This means you would be required to consume between 8-10 cups daily in order to reach the 400mg mark. This amount of green tea will approximately cost your around 50p daily.

Coffee: To reach the daily 400mg caffeine requirement you will have to consume 4 cups of coffee. This will set you back 60p which is just a tad bit more than green tea.


The winner of this head to head competition has to be the green tea but only by a tiny margin. As we have clearly determined that green tea is healthier and cheaper. It simply edges the coffee in every single aspect that we discussed above. However, coffee is not far behind but all comes down to your preference of taste or purpose for what you want to consume them for.

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