How long does a cold last? Or is it a cold? These two questions may be coming up on your mind when the symptom of sneezing or coughing come after you. There are several differences between cold and flu you need to know. This article will talk about it below. So, prepare yourself to get the information.

The Virus Causes Both

These two illnesses, colds, and flu, are both virus infections. There is much research talking about them. There is a highlighted line about the research that over 100 viruses cause colds. And there are many developed vaccines. While a relatively small number of infections causes flu. The vaccines have been developed to help prevent it. If you wonder to know how do you do if you have the flu? You need to notice the symptoms that you feel in your body. What are they? Here is the difference between the cold and flu.

What You Need To Know About The Difference Between Cold And Flu Is :

Stuffy or Runny Nose
You get cold and flu, the nose is a prominent part of your body to show the symptoms. If you get your nose stuffy or runny, you may get a cold rather than the flu. But, sometimes, the flu also has a similar symptom of the stuffy or runny nose.

The virus trapped in the hairs and mucus in the nose, which makes you sneeze. It is taking over the cells and using them to reproduce by the millions. This symptom usually showed when you get the cold even though for the specific flu. This symptom also comes after.

The difference between the cold and flu symptoms

You get sneezing because of the virus; the next signal happens is coughing. Both cold and flu show this symptom. The difference is when you get a dry cough, you may get the flu while when you get cold, you will get a cough with green or yellow gunk.

Sore throat
The virus is not only attacking your nose when you get cold or flu. It can attack another part of your body. It is your throat. The cough that you get can make you feel sore in your throat. Both cold and flu will make you get a sore throat.

Body aches
How do you know if you have the flu? You feel pain in a part of your body. It could affect the other parts of the body. And yes! Both cold and flu viruses can spread the illness to your body. If you feel severe aches all over your body, it means that you get the flu while the cold gets you mild head and body aches.

Flu makes you feeling nausea. It is caused by the virus that attacks your body. On the other hand, when you get cold, you will not get nausea.

How do you know if you have the flu?

The high temperature of your body starts a symptom of illness. To make it cool down, you need to take paracetamol or ibuprofen. If you get a fever, you get the flu since cold will not get you to illness. A bad cold could deliver you to this symptom. So, you need to see your doctor overcome it.

Chills and Sweats
Fever will make your body feeling chill and sweat consecutively. This is a common symptom of flu. If you only get a cold, you will not get this symptom. Drink many fluids to decrease the dehydration of your body. The sweats and the perspiration can cause it.

The Duration of the Symptoms
Notice the duration of the symptoms coming to your body is helpful to understand whether you get cold or flu. When you get cold, the symptoms will take a few days to make you in bad condition while the symptoms of flu will come fast, that is within hours to take over your body health.

Another clue you may notice is about when you get them in your body. You can get cold any time and seasons while flu typically runs in November to March when the winter is coming. But the thing you need to take care of your health is by having a healthy life and know about the difference between the cold and flu.