During the winter season – then it is very common to catch a cold or flu, this is very important to know when it turns into something more serious just like the sinus infection. The faster you know the symptoms, the faster you can take steps to treat that condition. Cold vs. Sinus Infection, How do you tell the differences.

The common symptoms of flu and sinus infection can be pretty similar for the first time like runny nose, sore throat, cough and so on. But, the sinus infection can cause pain in your face since the pressure related to sinus start to rise. Most of the sinus infection cases come from the infection that can be treated with pain control, saline sprays and so on.

No wonder that people who catch colds which caused by the virus often mistaken that they have the sinus infection as well. Although antibiotics can be so useful for those who have sinus infections, they do not use to fight against cold viruses. Instead of looking for popular Free online diet plans, you can find ways to tell whether you get cold or sinus infection with the information below.

Sinus Infection or Common Cold Symptoms

The symptoms of a cold vs. sinus infection

While the symptoms are pretty similar such as headache, fatigue, runny nose – there are some differences between both conditions which can help you to decide which one that you have.

The main differences between sinus infection and cold are how long they last. The study said that the cold patients usually have a runny nose for two to three days followed by stuffy nose during two or three days as well. After that, most cold sufferers start to feel better. However, the sinus infection will last for seven or longer days.

Fever also can indicate the bacteria infection inside your body. The sinus infection sometimes followed with a light fever, while colds were usually not. However, other virus-like flu also causes fever. Another sign which potentially tells you os the color or tone in your nasal discharge. Dislike the colds, usually, produce clear mucus while bacterial infection causes the yellow or even greenish mucus.

However, the virus sometimes causes colorful discharges, so it does not consider a safe test. Since there is no proper reason why some people prefer developing sinus infections and others don't. But, some people have nasal polyps conditions or even other health issues such as allergy which can increase the risk of a sinus infection as well.

So, how long a sinus infection will last

As mentioned earlier that the sinus infection has similar symptoms of common flu. A visible difference between both of them is how long the symptoms will last. The sinus symptoms usually last no more than 10 days while the chronic sinus symptoms can last around 12 weeks or more.

The sinus infection is always felt better by their own. Even antibiotic cannot help the sinus infection which caused by virus or irritation in the air like the secondhand smoke. There are several things that you can do to fasten the healing process.

Consume immune-boosting meals

To fight against the virus, then you need to get immune-boosting foods such as onions, ginger, garlic into your food. To use the garlic for medicine purpose, then it's highly recommended to consume two to five grams of fresh garlic or take 300 to 100 mg of garlic extract every day. You are also able to drink ginger tea, you need to add the raw honey for additional boast. The honey was packed with the antioxidant and has antifungal and antibacterial agents.

Common Cold and Sinus Infection Difference

Drink a lot of water

To help you remove the virus from your body system, ensure that you always stay hydrated every day. At least, you need to drink about 8 ounces of water every two hours in a day.

Always stay moisture

Keeping your sinus stay hydrated can help you to light your pressure. There are several tips for the hydrated sinus that you can try:

  • In the day and before going to sleep, you can use the natural saline in your nasal sprays. You can get it from the local drugstores and use in a few times a day to help you prevent any congestion.
  • In the night, you can sleep with a humidifier in your room to help you reduce the nasal blockages at night.
  • You need to expose your sinus into the steam, you can bathe with warm water and inhale the dap air. You can fill up the bowl with boiling water and lean it for around ten minutes. Cover your head and bowl with the bulk towel Keep your nose around 10 inches from the water. Instead of checking Fast healthy weight loss, you can also check Cold vs Sinus Infection in this article.

Always clear up the sinuses with the right oils

So, you can use Eucalyptus oil which helps you to open up the sinus and remove any mucus. A study also finds that the main ingredients in your eucalyptus oil such as cineole can help people who suffer from acute sinusitis infection to heal faster. Ensure that you apply the food-grade essential oils. You only need to get one drop of each oil in the roof side inside your mouth, then you need to drink plenty of water.

Relieve your facial pain with the warm cloth

Applying warm and moist heat can help you to relieve the facial pain caused by a sinus infection. You need to place a damp, wet towel around your cheeks, nose, and eyes to relieve your facial pain. It also helps you to clean up the nasal passages from the outer part.

You can get some prescriptions

Your doctor may not prescribe you with antibiotics unless you suffer from a chronic sinus infection or if your sinus is the bacterial type. Your doctor will decide whether your sinus caused by a virus or bacteria. Here’s information related to Cold vs Sinus Infection.