Gout is a type of inflammation that attacks the joints with swelling, erratic pain, and redness. This disease more often attacks the big toe, but can also affect other joints in the foot, such as knees, feet and soles. Gout also sometimes occurs in the hands, arms, and elbows. The spine can also appear sparse. Although gout can be a chronic disease, this condition can be cured and prevented from recurring. This condition can manage by reducing several lifestyle factors. Some solutions offer something like gout pain relief in 2 hours, but they do not last forever.

This occurs due to uric acid accumulation and freeze in the joints, which eventually accumulate diamonds that are punctured in the joints and cause pain in the joint area. You should not ignore this disease, because if left for a long time, gout can cause complications, such as kidney stones, and can cause permanent joint damage or practically paralysis. There are a few remedies that are believed to relieve gout pain in 2 hours.

The Stages of Gout

There are three stages of gout based on its severity, namely:
Gout at this stage has increased levels in the blood, but no symptoms of gout appear. You may never experience symptoms of gout. Usually, people who experience this will only feel the symptoms of gout the first time after he attacked by kidney stone disease.

Upon entering the second stage, the uric acid levels that are too high have formed crystals that usually occur in the toes. At this stage, you will only feel aches and pains in your joints, but this will not last long. After a while, you will experience other symptoms of gout with an intensity and frequency that is increasingly frequent.

Natural Ways to Relieve Gout Pain

In the third stage, the symptoms of gout don't go away, and the uric acid crystals that form don't just attack a single joint. This stage will appear lumps of these substances that have crystallized under the skin. This condition causes more severe pain and can damage cartilage.

Natural Ways to Relieve Gout Pain

During this time, gout often treated with medication from the medical. Indeed, the treatment is quite useful, but in some cases, people exposed to side effects of the drug. In contrast to utilizing natural ingredients from plants that have no side effects. These methods are believed to relieve gout pain in 2 hours.

The first is the pagoda flower root. This one plant you can use to cure gout naturally. The trick is you have to prepare the dried pagoda flower root. Just provide enough and then boil until boiling. Don't forget to add enough palm sugar. After cooking, strain and pour the mixture into a glass, and traditional medicine is ready for consumption.

The second way is to use the properties of ginger. You prepare ginger that has been cleaned and washed first, then crumble and boil with enough water. After the liquid has reduced by half, lift, strain, and pour into a glass, and the mixture is ready to drink. This manufacturing process is the same as you make a ginger drink.

The use of castor oil will give effect to warm, relieve inflammation, and reduce swelling. If you are sick in the back area, then to treat it, apply castor oil in the area, then massage gently. The pain caused can gradually disappear after you do it.

The last way is not much different from castor oil. We use cloves not to drink, but they wrapped in the area affected by gout. The method is quite easy, and you have to pound cloves and ginger, then wrap it on your waist. Or you can also put the ingredients in a cloth, and the fabric tied around your waist.

If natural ways do not work, there are always medical ways. TNO gout remedy can make a person free from this disease forever. Even so, do not worry, gout medicine can be consumed to control and alleviate the symptoms that arise. Some of the methods above can relieve gout pain in 2 hours, but it does not last forever. So, if you want to avoid future attacks of gout, you must be obedient to take gout medication prescribed by your doctor and live a healthy lifestyle.