You already know that skin treatment for face is very important. Getting clean, glowing skin is probably the most frequently asked question. However, with all the expensive creams and moisturizers, can you really get clean, glowing skin?

Clean and glowing facial skin is skin that is not disturbed by pimples and sun damage. The following are some treatment steps to get clean and glowing facial skin, curious?

Do not wash your face too often

Washing too much face is more likely to damage it than giving kindness. Instead, remove dirt and makeup residue with a cleanser, then wash your face.

Also, make sure you always use a toner after applying cleaning products. Already doing this routine?

Best Skin Treatment for Smooth and Healthy Face

Don't squeeze pimples

Take good care of acne and doctor's help may be more needed than you are tempted to squeeze it. Whatever happens, resist the temptation to squeeze pimples on the facial skin with your own hands.

Don't touch your face often with your hands

Avoid touching your face directly with your hands. Without realizing it, this can make germs on the hands move to the face and make skin problems worse.

Touching the face with dirty hands You can spread the bacteria that causes the pores to become inflamed until irritation appears. To prevent bacteria from moving, always wash your hands if you have to hold your face.


The next skin treatment for face is exfoliated. To get smooth skin, you must remove dead skin from its surface. Exfoliation carried out regularly will speed up the process of cell turnover, allowing the body to produce hyaluronic acid that contains moisture.

Clean the makeup brush

How often do you clean the makeup brushes? Fortunately, makeup brushes can be cleaned easily using bar soap, but avoid soap products that contain scents and choose a more natural one.

Using sunscreen

Sun damage can create wrinkles and make the skin rough. Look for sunscreen products that contain natural ingredients, such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.


You need to moisturize the skin twice a day. This method will increase skin hydration and seal moisture between dry skin cells on the surface.

One of the moisturizers that you must have is ceramides. Apply three minutes after you have finished a warm bath to keep the skin hydrated and fresh.

Natural Ingredients for Skin Treatment

Using natural ingredients

You can make your own yogurt mask. Yogurt can act as an anti-inflammatory and lactic acid to exfoliate dead skin.

Or strawberries to tighten pores and almond powder to get cleaner skin pores. Apply the mask that has been made on the part of facial skin that tends to oily, leave it for 15 minutes, and rinse.

Do maintenance at night

Your skin needs extra care at night, so don't use day moisturizer before going to bed at night. Try to use moisturizers that contain retinoids to stimulate collagen growth and normalize skin cell turnover.

Do not smoke

Smoking can make your facial skin look older and wrinkles appear more easily. The reason is, smoking can narrow the small blood vessels in the outermost layer of skin. This will reduce blood flow and make the skin look paler. Narrowing of the vessels in the face also depletes oxygen and skin nutrients that are important for skin health.

Smoking can also reduce collagen production in the body. Lack of collagen in the body can make facial skin become supple, elastic, and bright. Keep in mind, repetitive movements of pursing lips when smoking is a major cause of wrinkles in the mouth and cheek area.

Those are the tips of skin treatment for the face. Happy trying!