Skin problems often become a scourge for many people starting from oily skin, dry skin, and various other problems, and it can be solved with natural foods that help the skin. Many instant ways are done to get healthy skin. For example, is a treatment to a dermatologist and taking certain medications. The use of body lotion is also believed to solve skin problems.

But ladies, the instant method is not enough. You need to treat the skin by improving diet, to the type of food consumed. If you are still confused about what is healthy for the skin, these 8 foods are highly recommended for you.

Pumpkin Seeds Foods for Healthy Skin

Pumpkin seeds

Believe it or not, pumpkin seeds actually have benefits for skin health you know! Pumpkin seeds contain selenium which is useful for moisturizing the skin. You can, processing pumpkin seeds into watermelon seeds.

Simply boil it with water and salt. Then, wait until the water is almost gone. After that, drain and ready to try.

Coconut water

It's no longer a secret that coconut water has good benefits for the skin. Coconut water is useful to moisturize the skin, brighten facial skin, remove acne scars, to prevent premature aging.


The next is natural foods that help skin fish. Eating fish, such as mackerel, tuna, salmon and tuna, can also help make skin healthier. This is because the content of omega-3 fatty acids in fish can keep the skin thick, supple and moist.

Not only that, but omega 3 fatty acids can also reduce inflammation of the skin.


Who the hell isn't that familiar with vegetables? Vegetables that are often used as stir-fry turned out to have its own benefits for the skin you know. Kale contains minerals that are very good for the body. Uniquely, kale can also cure and eliminate acne scars.

Red meat

Surely you know, if red meat has good benefits for the heart. But, it is not only good for heart health. Red meat is also very good for skin health.

This is because red meat contains collagen. Collagen is often used to help smooth the skin, prevent wrinkles, and prevent aging.

Kiwi Fruits for Getting Healthy Skin


Who would have thought, this Chinese origin turned out to have benefits for the skin. Kiwi contains minerals and prebiotics which are good for skin health. Kiwi can also shrink pores on the face.


Maybe, there are still not many people who know the benefits of turmeric. In fact, turmeric has a million benefits for skin health. Among other things like helping to heal wounds, prevent premature aging, and eliminate acne scars.


Tomatoes contain lycopene which can protect your skin from sun exposure. A study revealed that a person exposed to direct UV light exposure is known to experience lighter skin damage after consuming 40 grams of tomatoes regularly.

Green tea

Green tea is often consumed as a drink that can reduce the risk of heart disease and as a sedative drink. Green tea has natural antioxidant content that can make skin healthier and smoother.

Handling from the outside, it's still not enough to make your skin clean and healthy. Try it, diligently consuming food above. You can also try one of the above and apply it to your body regularly!

Consumption of coconut water regularly, for example, you can also balance it by drinking lots of water. So what are you waiting for? Let's get healthy skin with natural foods that help skin!