You don’t have to pay a lot of money only for diet plan because you can find free online diet plans. Commonly, those free diet plans are offered in a mobile phone application. The list below is the apps that you can use to know the best diet plan for a maximal result.

Lose It!

Do you want to learn whats a good diet easily? If it is so, you can just download an app known as Lose It! This app helps to manage your diet plan well by counting your calorie and tracking weight. Before that, the app will analyze your weight, age, and health goals to give the best diet plan. Interestingly, you can find the detail of your food by using this app by scanning the barcode. Later, the app explains whether the food is safe for you or not. This app gives a daily and weekly calorie intake to make sure that you can achieve your diet plan goals.

Free Online Healthy Diet Plans

Spark People

Just like Lose It! You can get free online diet plans from Spark People, especially on your daily meals, weight, and exercise you need to achieve. Just scan the barcode of your food anytime you want to buy or eat it to know the detail. The detail helps you to keep on the diet track and get information whether you are allowed to eat it or not. Moreover, you will also get the example of the best diet plans including the exercises for diet. To make it more fun, the app connects you to the other users so you can share something useful to each other.

Online Diet Plans Works Method

My Fitness Pal

The developer of this app knows that one of the importance of diet plans is counting the calorie intake. Because of that, this app is focusing on calorie counting for weight loss plan. It works by calculating the daily calorie that you need. You just have to scan the barcode or take a picture of your food to know the total calorie you have consumed a day. Later, the app gives a report related to the total of your fat, carb, and protein consumption. The app also gives access to connect with other users so you can get or share tips and success stories to motivate each other.


Fitbit is a little bit different than the free online diet plan apps above. This app is focusing on keeping track of your exercise habits. You can use the app to track your physical activity to make sure that it achieves your diet plan goals. It reports of the number of steps you have taken, miles, stairs climbed, and also your heart rate. Another great thing is that you can control your food, water intake, sleeping habits, and weight goals. Fitbit is designed just like your friendly instructor who reminds you to get up and exercise and also tell how close your achievement to the final goals.

In conclusion, you have to do your diet plan comfortably. Just find full support by downloading reputable diet plan apps above. Those apps give the best free online diet plans so you can get the ideal weight you are expected.