The term of whats a good diet is the combination of eating healthy foods and doing exercise which can be considered as an easy weight loss plan. Let’s start by creating a great menu for your weight loss plan. The key is controlling the total calorie in your body by managing the meal you want to eat every day.

Easy Weight Loss Plan Lunch

Breakfast Menu

There are a lot of delicious breakfast menus for an easy weight loss plan. For example, you can mix flakes, banana, and fat-free milk. Just mix those ingredients in a bowl and enjoy it. The taste is good and it gives you enough energy to start your day. Another option is by making a glass of smoothie. Just blend berries, banana, and low-fat milk and you will have a fresh and delicious smoothie.

You can also eat 2 boiled eggs to add more calorie and energy before doing your activity. Try another simple breakfast menu for weight loss plan by mixing oats with low-fat or unsweetened soy mix. Put the mixture on a microwave. Then, add a half of apple, honey, and cinnamon.

Lunch Menu

You still have to eat lunch even in your weight loss program. This is why it is called as an easy and healthy program. For a healthy lunch, you can prepare a bowl of salad. Mix roast chicken breast, red grapes, almond, mayonnaise, and unsweetened yogurt. Add lettuce to give freshness and great texture in your mouth. Eat 1 slice banana to make it perfect.

If you are a vegan, you can cook something simple for lunch. Prepare some vegetables for a soup such as carrots and potatoes. You can enjoy the vegetarian soup with a veggie burger, whole-grain toast, bagel thin, English muffin, and a cup of grapes. For those who love to eat a sandwich, just prepare a pita bread, turkey breast, roasted pepper, mayonnaise, mustard, and lettuce. Just eat it and everything looks simple, right?

Easy Weight Loss Food Plan

Dinner Menu

The best part of following an easy and healthy weight loss program is that you can still enjoy delicious dinner. You can try some healthy and simple dinner menus. Let say, you can eat boneless and skinless chicken breast with barbecue sauce. Enjoy it with a bowl of spinach with garlic, olive oil, and tomatoes. You can add potatoes if you want it.

Try to enjoy a bowl of steamed shrimp with baked potatoes, salsa sauce, and unsweetened yogurt. If you still have spinach, just steam it and enjoy it with the rest of the menu. For the fish lovers, prepare poached salmon, rice vinegar, and olive oil. You may add some spices and herbs to strengthen the taste. Enjoy the salmon with an apple or whole-grain.

So, what do you think after reading the menu for weight loss above? It is so simple and easy, right? Indeed, weight loss program is not that scary. You can still eat delicious foods. The difference is that you are using healthy ingredients and control the portion to achieve the total calorie you need. You can manage your easy weight loss plan menu based on your favorite ingredients without losing the idea of a healthy weight loss plan.