Black seed oil is one of the healthy fats in the history of medicine. While black seed oil may not be as popular as olive oil, palm oil, or canola oil, it certainly has a lot of amazing benefits. A lot of people throughout the centuries believe that black seed oil is an effective weapon against various diseases. It is interesting to learn what are the benefits of black seed oil to human health.

A Little Peek on Black Seed Oil

As it is named, the black seed oil extracted from black seeds (Nigella sativa). This plant originated from Southwest Asia and spread throughout the Middle East. One of these key components is thymoquinone, a compound with the properties of antioxidants. Other elements of black seed oil are vitamins and minerals such as copper, phosphor, iron, and zinc. Black seed also contains beta carotene, which will be conversed into vitamin A by the liver. Other components are unsaturated fatty acids, such as linoleate acid and oleic acid. There are also saturated acids, such as palmitic acid and stearate acid. Saponin and alkaloid compounds are found in black seed as well.

The Use of Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil is commonly used to overcome conditions and diseases like asthma, allergy, diabetes, headache, high blood pressure (hypertension), arthritis rheumatoid, and digestive disorders. The black seed oil also helps to increase the body's immune system, reduce inflammation, and cure an infection.

The black seed itself has a distinctive bitter taste that can be used as cooking spices. Usually spread on tops of bread, such as flatbreads, naan, or bagel. The benefits of black seed oil are practically limitless in the area of medicine and cooking.

How Big Exactly Are The Benefits Of Black Seed Oil?

There are so many benefits of black seed oil, especially for human health. The black seed oil uses for thousands of years as medicine, food mixtures, to ingredients for cosmetics. Many people use this oil to replace painkillers such as aspirin or ibuprofen, hoping to fight inflammation. The black seed oil also has a substance that can help protect cells from damage.

As mentioned earlier, black seed oil contains thymoquinone, an antioxidant compound that may have cancer-fighting strength. In a study on mice, the mixture was found to shrink tumors and slow their growth. It also protects tissue from radiation damage. However, more evidence is needed to know whether this oil can be used for cancer therapy.

Besides that, the black seed oil is often used to treat allergies, especially rhinitis. For example, there is a study published in 2011 by the American Journal of Otolaryngology. In the study, this oil was found to reduce symptoms of nasal congestion, itching, runny nose, and sneezing after two weeks. There are a lot more health benefits of black seed oil if you want to dig out more about it, especially for men and women's reproductive health.

Black Seed Oil Benefits for Life

What Are The Black Seed Oil Benefits For Women?

Black seed oil benefits for women closely relates to the increase in women's fertility. One of the requirements of a fertile woman is the quality of her ovum or egg. One way to get quality ovum is to consume black seed oil regularly. The black seed oil contains omega, which is an unsaturated fatty acid and is very instrumental in producing eggs with good quality. Another important component of black seed oil that is useful for increasing fertility in women is zinc. The presence of zinc in black seed oil makes it a herbal medicine that can maintain the function of sexual organs.

One of the causes of a woman struggles to get pregnant is a thick discharge from the vagina that is called vaginal discharge. The presence of this viscous liquid indicates the presence of fungus lodged in a woman's vagina, some are dangerous, and some are not. One alternative herbal medicine that can overcome this vaginal discharge is black seed oil.

Last but not least, black seed oil can slow down women's menopause. A woman will experience menopause, which is marked by a decrease in the function of the reproductive organs and a decrease in the performance of reproductive hormones so that it causes menstruation to cease to happen. This brings excellent changes, both psychologically and physically, to a woman, which will be very influential for her fertility. Black seed oil enriched with antioxidants. That means black seed oil can slow down the process of menopause so that it can maintain female fertility longer.

What About The Black Seed Oil Benefits For Men?

Almost the same as for women, the black seed oil benefits for men also lie in reproductive ability. In this case, sperm quality. One of the factors of men's sperm quality is the food they eat. One of the food intakes that can have a positive effect on male fertility is black seed oil. Men are diligent in consuming black seed oil because it can improve the quality of male sperm.

From the results of a study showed that the administration of black seed oil with a dose of 0.009-0.9 ml/day increased the percentage of sperm counts that had good motility from 17.5-21.66% to 74.16-81.67%.

Unsaturated fatty acids found in black seed oil can increase the activity of the enzyme 17-beta. Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase Which is an enzyme that functions in the synthesis of testosterone? The hormone plays an important role in the process of spermatogenesis, aka sperm formation, so that it can increase male fertility.

The benefits of black seed oil energetically felt with regular intake. However, avoid using this oil as the primary therapy to replace clinical treatment. If you want to consume it, it is better to consult a doctor because this oil also contains melanin, which can be dangerous if the levels are too high. Also, some concerns consuming too much black cumin seed oil can harm the kidneys and liver. Drinking too much can hurt you instead of giving a benefit. As everything else, do not have it too much