Benefit of Flats Arch Support

Do you wear flats or prefer heels? Many of you would answer that question based on your individual comfort level. The Arch, which is a structural feature of our feet, determines the level of comfort we feel with any type of shoes. It carries about 200,000 to 300, 000 pounds of body weight per mile every time we walk. As we change our speed from walking to running, the weight increases.

Due to the unique function that arches provide to our bodies, we are vulnerable to many health issues that can occur if we keep overlooking any problems with them.
Each individual has a unique arch type which has the tendency to change with age, illness or disability. You have to find out your arch type before choosing the flats with arch support that suit you best. Let’s take a look at the different types of arches.

Unique Benefit of Flats Arch Support

Types of Arches

High Arches
People with a high arch have a big curve between their toes and heels.

Low Arches
People with a low arch have a slightly small curve between their toes and heels.

Flat Feet
People with a flat structure can place their whole foot on the floor with no curve in between toes and heels. Flats with arch support are designed for each individual based on their peculiar arch type.

When Does the Arch Shape Change?

You will see a noticeable change in your feet arches in the following situations:

The most prominent situation in which the shape of the arch changes is during pregnancy.Excess weight gain at such a time increases pressure on the feet. Women who have a lower arch would feel getting a flat feet-structure during pregnancy. You can relieve some of the pressure from weight gain by using inserts under your feet.

Rheumatoid Arthritis
When a person is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, their feet arch change. They often develop a flat foot structure which requires additional arch support.

Age-Related Effects
Among age-related effects, you will experience a change in the shape of your feet due to the retention of fluid, relaxed ligaments and the prolonged influence of gravity and weight on your feet.

Effects of Pronation
Pronation is the inward movement of the foot each time we use our feet. This movement needs to be precise. Any kind of under-pronation or over-pronation results in a misalignment of the rest of our body. You will feel its effects on the alignment of your knees, hips, thighs, pelvis and back.
Unnecessary rotation of the foot can develop ankle or feet injuries, pain in heels, inflammation in kneecaps, achilles tendonitis and injuries of the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the lower leg.

Benefits of Flats with Arch Support

Your feet take all of your weight!
As a result, they develop many problems over the years. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that flats with arch support have to offer for improving your feet.

Reduces Pain
Pain makes you uncomfortable and limits your mobility. When you use arch support, they help relieve pain. You will be able to go about your daily business with ease when the pain reduces.

Help with Mobility in Case of Disabilities
People with disabilities need extra support. They can increase their mobility quite conveniently with the help of flats with arch support.

Provide Support That Other Shoes Do Not
We choose most of our attire based on the latest trends. We don’t consider the fact that they may not provide us with the comfort we need. Our shoes mostly fall victim to this type of selection. Arch supports give us the comfort that trendy shoes fail to do so.

Wear them regularly to ensure a painless and cosy experience with the shoes of your choice!

Great for Balancing Body Posture
Having problems with feet arches can create an imbalance in the posture of your body. When you support the arches, your posture improves automatically.
Additionally, if you have gained excess weight, your body posture will become slouched. Arch support can help you retain a straight posture despite putting on a few extra pounds.

It Saves You from Costly Surgical Procedures
Problems with affected arch types can push people into taking expensive correctional procedures.
By using arch support, you can evade all invasive treatments. You just have to put the support on and it will do the job for you!
It is inexpensive, affordable and easy-to-use.

Support for People with Flat Feet

Individuals born with a flat foot always have difficulty walking. Their gait alters considerably and as they grow up, it gets worse. If this issue is not addressed, it can affect the working of joints, hips, ankles, knees and the back over time.

Best Support Care Flat Feet

You should start using arch supports as soon as possible to contain the effects of a flat foot. For flat feet disorders, arch support offers the following benefits:

Reduced Chances of Developing Arthritis
People aged over 40 years can benefit from this. They are at maximum risk of developing this condition. It endangers their complete mobility.
Younger people can get rid of unnecessary pain and risk to injury by using the supports.
With the arch support, your chances of developing arthritis reduce significantly.

Helps in Distributing Pressure Equally
Arch problems create difficulty in movement for people with a flat foot because their body weight is not distributed equally over the feet.
Arch support distributes body weight equally over the feet, leading to fewer issues in movement.

Protects the Feet Arches from Harm
When you have a problematic arch type like a flat foot, it tends to increase your problems with time. If you leave it unattended it can suffer extensive damage.
You can prevent additional damage to the defected arch in your feet by using arch support.Your health affects your level of efficiency at work and in personal life. Problems with feet arches can reduce your efficiency to below average.

If you have experienced any of the above-mentioned problems, consider buying flats with arch support today!